Massage crânien
Massage crânien
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Toucher ayurvédique








Bonjour Every and special one, my name is Soraya AND Sabrina. Ouichalance is a project of relaxation that is holistic combining massages, energy care but also sexuality support for all genders, bodies and situations since 2014. For a more open and sensational expressiveness of my job, I'velearned to desexualize, desacralize, decolonise and transcend my corporalities - old complexed and traumatized -. It took me to walk, to disturb me, to discourage as well... to explore myself simply. ☄ I found an incredible autonomy by reclaiming my self.ves being. And that's what I want to share with LOVE and TRANQUILITY


x  massage-s mutated me x



Blogger and sociologist in training, my will militates for accessibility to care, carelessness, relaxation for all situations. Care must not be attributed to the more privileged. My conclusion of experiments in institutes -> Relaxation centers are expensive and sometimes doubtful, impersonal and fast + furious o'clock. How to feel good when you do not feel there? Paradox in urban scourge. 

exchanges to follow-ups will be built (even for a one-off session) to create your tailor-made session together. A questionnaire or telephone exchange will be required before making an appointment.


 Relaxation must not be an obstacle! My price is also an exchange. By plenty of possibilities. Massage with donation can be considered Depending on possibilities and availabilities. Contact me.  

Towards a lot of -self-love and revolution 

... Care as an opening of possibilities


•Californian massage•

Paris : outdoors massage

& free-lancer Aphrodisiac Massages

💖 Souvenir : in my clouds after the training.  

What I've learned ?

I want to carry on and on.

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Holistic MassageTraining by Sofia Pereira

 | californian | ayurvedic|

| tantric massage | thai | silk massage | 

Lisbon: Kalachakra 

💖 Souvenir : My 1st client kissed my forehead / Was full of fear before entering in the room / I was his 1st massage too. 

What I've learned ? 

I envision my body as such an incredible tool, that the complexes of yesterday can no longer find room in my new comfort zone: permanent mutation.




• foot reflexology

• magnetisms renforced

• sound massage with Tibetan bowls

• accu-pressures


Lisbon: Horus Massagems

💖 Souvenir of my 1st couple massage, for their anniversary. Clearly, I was massaged by their love. 

What I've learned ? 


Thanks to fellow dancers + massotherapists : learning multiple protocols using all parts of my body (Thai type) more than the hands. My relationship to the body was sublimated.

Tournée Ouichalante #3

Family Massage

après une journée de travail, août 2020,


sa famille


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