Conte à mon cul, |  Octobre 2019

I was a scorpio now i'm a snake  | Avril 2019 

Poetry is a special relationship. Filled in notepads, it has long remained on the bedside of my secrets. A bit like a totem, she exorcised a lot of my demons. Since 2016, a little swing.

Mektoube, Rim Battal suggested to me to link to my massages at Bordel of Poetry. Not a coincidence, that Friction Magazine Tarek Lakhrissi, had this confidence also one day, to invite me. Because my poems are the fruit of all my love, the letters that I never knew sent, the tears that I could never cry, the stories of my ancestors that could never be distributed. So, it is indeed my love that made me beat what I am. So I mention their names because it has been revealed and shared. because they allowed me to levitate. The more I wrote, the more inspired and liberated I was. To grow my talent and keep humility. By always grabbing the wheel of my ambitions. Share for love, converse / exchange with our words. That they are no longer erasures or barred by the red pens. We are not faults, we are beautiful and rich languages. Even if "we" try to nestle and to get used to the silence of ourselves. It is in this love of the collective that my self is released. And that's what I'm trying to establish...

Le Bordel de la Poésie _ Tournage _ Laur
Le Bordel de la Poésie _ Lectures

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